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Get Your Free FlexPackPRO TTO Print Sample


1.  Click the button below to email us at printlab@flexpackpro.com and let us know what kind of flexible packaging material you’ll be sending.  Be sure to include your name, company, and an attached JPEG or PNG image file showing the kind of codes, text or graphics you’re looking to print.

2.  Send some samples of your packaging in to our Print Lab at the address below.  Please make sure you include your name and contact information with the shipment:

9499 Old Bailes Road
Units 220-221
Fort Mill, SC 29707

That’s it!  Once we receive your info and sample material we’ll record your print test and send back a video of your test run, as well as your custom samples printed directly onto your flexible packaging material.

Learn More About FlexPackPRO TTO

If you want more details about better-built thermal transfer overprinters at an unbeatable value, then you’re in the right place!  Click through below for more details on how our rugged, reliable TTO systems can help your products reach new heights in flexible packaging presentation and efficiency.

Or, you can always CONTACT US directly and tell us about your business!  We’re always happy to help match you up with just the right equipment for your application.