FlexPackPRO® FCS

TTO-Mounted Feeder-Conveyor Systems for On-Demand Batch Printing & Coding

FPP FCS-1 - Updated Design & Features Overview

FPP FCS-1 - Feeder-Conveyor Pouch Printing Demo

FlexPackPRO FCS-1

FlexPackPRO FCS-2

FlexPackPRO Feeder-Conveyor Specialty Offline TTO System


The rugged, cost-effective solution for printing date codes, barcodes, nutrition facts, ingredients, logos and other text and graphics on-demand. A friction feeder and short conveyor with average print speed of 30 pieces per minute. Print area from 32mm x 50mm (1.26” x 1.97”) to 107mm x 75mm (4.22” x 4.93”), depending on printer model.


The advanced choice for automatic feeding and printing of virtually any type of bag or pouch, up to 15” x 15” in size. Highly reliable vacuum pick and place system on wide belt feeds and prints up to 60 pieces per minute in continuous motion. Print area from 32mm x 125mm (1.26” x 4.93”) to 107mm x 125mm (4.22” x 4.93”), depending on printer model.

Type:Friction Feeder + Conveyor (2 Components)Integrated Pick-and-Place Feeder-Conveyor
Min. Product Size:2.75″ x 3″3.5″ x 3.5″
Max. Product Size:11″ x 11″15″ x 15″
Print Mode:IntermittentContinuous
Max. Print Speed:30 pieces per minute220 V – 50 Hz – 7 A
(Product Dependent)(Product Dependent)
Power Supply:100 – 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.8A110 VAC, 60 Hz, 10A
System Width:14.5″24″
Belt Width:11.8″15″
System Length:40″80″
System Height:17″70″
Total Weight:150 lbs. (without printer)175 lbs. (without printer)