FlexPackPRO® TTS

TableTop TTO Systems for On-Demand Printing & Coding

FlexPackPRO TableTop TTO Specialty Offline System

FlexPackPRO TableTop TTO

TableTop TTO Printing System by FlexPackPRO

Get the benefits of high-resolution digital on-demand printing and coding in a compact, manual TableTop TTO system. Print variable date codes, barcodes, logos, text and graphics directly onto bags, pouches, cards, tags, chipboard boxes and more. Integrated foot pedal triggers print.

Available with various 130, 210 and 420 Series TTO printer models, providing print areas of 1.3” x 2” / 1.3” x 2.75” / 2.1” x 2” / 2.1” x 3” / 4.2” x 3” / 4.2” x 5”. Print samples provided upon request.

FlexPackPRO 420iXT TableTop TTO Specialty Offline System